About the company

elasticbrand - Event, Expo and Activation Services!

We service corporate, brand and private clients who require an execution partner within the Experiential industry.

Our work is an extension of our clients’ need to communicate, drive sales or reward.

Why elasticbrand?

elastic: the genius of elastic truly lies in its ability to adapt to any given situation – whether it's to stretch to reach someone, or to grasp their requirements. Elastic is unique in its ability to be BOTH binding and flexible… Holding and pulling together all variables, as well as tailoring its flexibility to any situation.
brand: the perception of your business culture in the eyes of your customers, clients, colleagues and staff!

Crafted services for your most valued relationships
Clients. Consumers. Customers. Staff.

Need to talk to us

E: info@elasticbrand.co.za

Bryan Smith
M: 083 259 3860
E: bryan@elasticbrand.co.za


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