Often I hear event’s organisers lamenting the lack of quality suppliers out there, and wonder to myself, how exactly do you treat your suppliers that you now find yourself in this boat?

We at elasticbrand have always believed in creating relationships with clients or suppliers alike that stand the test of time – and through this a mutual trust and respect is born.

Relationships, be it suppliers, clients or staff, are often not given the credit they should be. Trust and mutual respect will see suppliers going to the ends of the earth to ensure that your delivery is on time, correct and that your activation or exhibition is a success.
Beating suppliers down on cost every single time does not win you points as an events manager, suppliers have the same overheads and staff salaries to pay as you do. In fact knowing when and how to lean on your suppliers is often key in gaining their invaluable expertease and support in tough projects and busines cycles.

Not only does a trusted supplier ease your stress, as you know they understand the brief and requirements of the event or activation almost as well as you do, but you know if there is a problem they will jump in to assist in solving the problem. Often well before things get out of hand!
Never underestimate the power of these relationships, and do what you can to foster them, it will only ease your load later on in the game.

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